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About RED House
Real Estates Development House – RED House SAL is a Real Estates Investment and Development Company established in Beirut Lebanon since 2005 and specialized in Real Estates Development and Investment in selected projects in MENA region emerging Markets.
Since its establishment, RED House envisaged an ambitious vision that would differentiate the company from all other Real Estates Investment Companies; RED House undertook to invest and develop projects that would meet strict sets of criteria which basically are: minimum risk factors, highly professional operation and high returns on investments.
RED House Group
Today, RED House continues to opportunistically grow its portfolio holdings and regional operation in Algeria, Cyprus, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. RED House is headquartered in Beirut Lebanon (RED House Group Holding).
The Companies affiliated under RED House Group are:
  • RED House SAL - Lebanon – Beirut
  • RED House Algeria SARL – Algeria
  • RED House Cyprus – Nicosia
  • RED House Arabia - Saudi Arabia    


RED House developed into a solid Group that leads a determined operation in the MENA region throughout several sectors that complement and support its core operation in Real Estates Investment and Development that are mainly Healthcare Development (RRHH - Rizk RED House Healthcare) and Education Development (RHEDS - RED House Education and Schooling)..
RED House Vision
RED House derives its vision for any development from market demand, needs and potentials. We center our work on a delicate balance between project sustainability and exit strategy.
Therefore, RED House is very selective when planning a project, looking for a distinctive opportunity rather than a record. As a result, RED House projects are exclusive and highly demanded for being a socio-economic necessity for the locality.
How does RED House SARL operate? 
Before entering a market place, RED House team undertakes a detailed due diligence process before making a decision regarding the merits of the investment and whether these will meet with the objectives of the company and its clients. As a result, RED House is in a position to offer its clients the opportunity to capitalize on the significant real estate growth that currently exists in the markets that RED House feels offer best return. 
This is achieved by: 
      Working with a trusted network of surveyors, architects, contractors, co developers and financial institutions 
      Sourcing and developing opportunities that deliver solid and high returns for investors 
      Clients investments are secured by direct land and project ownership  
      Short-to-Mid term financial sustainability House research team surveys emerging market and report to RED House board that would direct RED House Research Team to identify potentially lucrative real estate opportunities. Once a viable investment prospect is identified, RED House experts personally inspect the location for suitability, taking into account all economic, legal and other associated factors. RED House is, at all times, scrupulously demanding when assessing the future viability of any proposed site. Each site is handpicked to meet the specific criteria necessary to ensure its short-to-mid term financial sustainability. RED House selects areas where focal points of initial economic growth have previously been identified and where sustained future economic expansion is expected. 
In parallel, RED House formulates particular financial structure for each of these investment prospects – projects that allow the company to squeeze the required equity and hence increase returns and yield.
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