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RED House Group announces the formation of RED House Arabia

Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, December,12,2012

RED House Group, a leading Real Estate Investment and Development Group operating in the GCC and MENA region, today announced that it has entered into an imperative partnership with Sheikh Mohammad Abdel Aziz Al Tweijri for the formation of RED House Arabia, a Real Estate Development company with an aim to develop projects across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


(From right to left) Sheikh Mohammad Abdulaziz Tweijri, Mr. Mazen Beaini& Mr. Musaed Abdul Mohsen Al Sarra

The signature ceremony was held at Ritz Carlton Hotel in Riyadh and was attended by RED House and Rizk Red House Healthcare (RRHH) board members.

RED House Group Chairman, Mr. Mazen Beaini, expressed his contentment to setup RED House Arabia in partnership with Sheikh Mohammad Tweijri.

“As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to lead the GCC in economic growth for the coming years, innovative Real Estate Development Solutions are needed in order to meet local social infrastructure demand. We strongly believe that with Sheikh Mohammad's prominent position in the Kingdom and his extensive business experience, RED House Arabia will accelerate the delivery of its Development Solutions across multiple sectors starting with Housing and Healthcare” said Mr. Beaini.

Sheikh Mohammad Al Tweijri declared that Saudi Arabia is witnessing continued economic growth and is enjoying the benefits of recent improvements in its business environment.

“The partnership with RED House Group will ensure that quality development in our two major sectors in KSA (Housing and Healthcare) are initiated and rightly implemented in our Kingdom as a start. We welcome RED House Group to share its regional experience in Real Estate and Healthcare Development in the Saudi Market” said Sheikh Mohammad.

(From right to left) Dr. Habib Zoghbi, Mr. Sami Rizk, Sheikh Mohammad Abdulaziz Tweijri, Mr. Mazen Beaini, Mr. Musaed Abdul Mohsen Al Sarra & Mr. Ray Kattar

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