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RED House Chairman for Lebanon Build 2011: Regulatory Framework for Future Development in Lebanon

On the occasion of "IQPC Lebanon Build Congress 2011" held at Moevenpick Hotel in Beirut on the 25th - 26th of December, Mr. Mazen Beaini, RED House Chairman and CEO gave a presentation exploring the "Regulatory framework of future development in Lebanon".


Mr. Beaini evaluated the Lebanese Real Estates Market Conditions, the Current Challenges of the Constructions Sector, the Legal Support System and presented RED House Vision of “Quality Growth Development”.




Mr. Beaini underlined the highly urbanization of Lebanon and stated that more than 85% of its residents are living in urban areas pointing out that Lebanon has one of the highest population densities in the world ranking 11th with 391 persons/km2 [higher than Japan‘s population density  (336 persons/km2 ) (MoE, 2005)].


Civil War and Political Instability Consequences

RED House Chairman exposed the consequences of the Civil War and the ongoing political instability especially in respect of the absence of Governmental Control or Urban Planning, the Destruction of Infra and Upper Structures during Civil War, the Problem of the Displaced, the Post War Government Priority for physical infrastructure project when other relevant social problems are not addressed, Tenant – Rental Law and the Law Enforcement.


Assessing Current Challenges of Building Constructions

Mr. Beaini exposed the conditions of the procurement of Constructions Permits, Execution Control, Habitat Permits and the After-Execution Control reasoning that we need to set the objectives and fair building standards (1), Publish statutory guidance on ways to meet Building Regulations (2), Oversee and improve the functioning of the building control system and the legislative appeals system (3) and Support the building control service and others who use the system in their efforts to ensure compliance.



Quality Growth Developments – “Ville Nouvelle”

Mr. Beaini stated that RED House envisages the concept of the “Ville Nouvelle” – New Town as one of the effective solutions for reducing high density, creating avant-gardism communities with efficient urban planning and infrastructure, combating traffic congestion, reducing Energy and maintenance costs while helping the future of Lebanon’s environment, cutting down pollution and improving green building.


As an example of “Ville Nouvelle”, Mr. Beaini presented RED House current project “Europa” and defined the concept of the “New Town” as a planned urban community designed for self-sufficiency and providing housing, educational, commercial, and recreational facilities for its residents.


Lebanon Build 2011

Lebanon Build 2011 was attended by key players from the engineering, designing and construction industry that highlighted the issues and challenges that have come up in the year 2011.

The conference featured keynote presentations, panel discussions, case studies and interactive workshops that addressed design and development strategies, new methodologies, green building, legal framework as well as updates on current and future projects in Lebanon with a primary focus on building projects in Lebanon.


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